Meet Doolight, the Modular, Smart Chandelier of 2018

I’ve always maintained that the best way for a designer to validate a personal project is to crowdfund it. Crowdfunding is literally an exercise that helps you take your product from a base concept to a fully manufactured and functional product. Walking down that road itself can help a designer gain a lot of insights and experiences, and having people pledge to buy your product is probably the best way to test the water to see what consumers think, and most importantly, want. Created back in 2008, the Drop Light was an ingeniously designed chandelier concept that comprised multiple hanging lights that could be detached and carried around. Thanks to advents in contact charging, wireless charging, and LED technology, Baek can take the Drop Light from a concept to a product that design enthusiasts can own. Newly christened the Doolight, the design features a few updates and visual tweaks to make it look great and perform seamlessly well.

The Doolight comes with its own set of improvements, from a redesigned chandelier base to a separate reading-light attachment. The individual lamp units come with a sturdy, waterproof construction that can be used outdoors or even in the shower without abandon. The LEDs are surrounded by a soft silicone sphere that absorbs impact and diffuses the light perfectly. With a flat base, these individual ‘drops’ can be kept flat on any surface on their own, using them as an ambient light, or a night light, or even a nursery light. The lights can be controlled using a switch on the base, or even via an app, allowing you to power on/off and even control the brightness of individual lamps. The lights now even recognize voice commands, allowing you to control them via Alexa (a feature that clearly wouldn’t be possible a decade ago). The lights hang upside down on a flower-shaped mount just like wine-glasses do, and charge using wireless charging technology. Running on batteries, the lights can work for three days on a full charge, allowing you to use them anywhere around the house and returning them to the chandelier mount only when you need to charge them, or when you’ve got friends coming over and you want to impress them with this amazing Alexa-powered chandelier in your house that has detachable light modules!

Designer: Doosan Baek

Click here to Buy Now: $149 $299 (50% off) for the Leaf Set (1 Base + 1 Droplet).


A new freedom of lighting never seen before. Chandelier, Stand lamp, Torch and Nightlight.











Click here to Buy Now: $149 $299 (50% off) for the Leaf Set (1 Base + 1 Droplet).