Lights Where I Want ‘Em

The Drop Light is a unique lighting system that provides a new user interface for indoor lighting. Each lighting module can be separated from the main body to use as a free standing lamp. An electric line, located within the main body, charges the ‘drops’ via a network of tracks. The droplights contain new advance LEDs which prevent the lights from excessive heating. Awesome idea for custom lighting concepts or for emergency black situations.

Designer: Doosan Baek


  • Brian says:

    Looks like a overhead wineglass rack. Instead of LED lighting modules, I would have liked to see actual wineglasses with the light playing through them. I’m also not sure if you can use the charging plate also as a swtich.

  • menenenenene says:

    “move the lights where you want ’em” from this imagery is like saying that moving a light 6 inches to the left will be that big of a deal to someone……

    • Eric says:

      Well maybe not you, but do you know me and everyone else in the world too? Lots of people would love the versatility. Again more people assuming everything is designed for everyone…

  • John says:

    what a cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul says:

    That’s great!!Can anybody advise me how to purchase this Light?I’m from Czech Republic and have to do it via net.Thank for any help

    • Doosan Baek says:

      Very flattering that you would like to buy my product, so thank you Paul. The product is not in production yet, but when it is you will be the first to know ^^

  • Frank says:

    Hi Guys,
    this is really cool stuff. Would love to buy it immediately. Please keep me updated if it will be available! Best regards from Germany

    • Doosan Baek says:

      Thank you very much Frank. I will let you know when it’s produced. And It’s not gonna be so far. Best regards from Korea.

  • burrwurr says:

    Woah! This blows my mind! I love the concept, the versatility…not only is it a great idea but it is so practical. There have been so many times in my life that I have been inconvenienced by the fact that the lamp’s cord is too short or the sockets are placed oddly – hence extension cords and wires everywhere! This would solve all of my problems. Let me know when it goes into production please. I would buy this in a heartbeat.

  • Jake Hong says:

    Wow so cool!! this is what Lorna said about!!

  • Vick says:

    This is simply awesum with beautiful design..I wish i could had it in my home.Anyways, Nice blog.Keep it up.

  • Roman says:

    It cool & useful!

  • Jane says:

    It’s been almost 4 years…can I buy it yet?????

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