The E-Legend’s interiors are the most inspired ones I’ve seen in a while


Peugeot’s E-Legend excites me for so many reasons. Not only does it have an exterior that’s just dying to be ogled at, for the way it stays retro and futuristic at the same time, but the interiors are worth falling in love with too, because guess what, they’re going to be made entirely out of velvet.

Crafted from George Costanza’s fabric-of-dreams, the E-Legend boasts of an interior that is edgy and sculpted (going well with the car’s glaring headlights) and upholstered in ’60s-chic blue silk velvet. The door panels, seat buckets, and steering wheel feature paldao wood sourced from renewable forests and finished by French furniture design firm, Hervet Manufacturier. The E-Legend’s interiors also come with a fragrance diffuser that can fill the cabin with one of two scents crafted specifically for the E-Legend by perfume maker Ex-Nihilo. You may call it aggressive marketing, I call it automotive perfection, both inside and out.

Designer: Peugeot