Playground fun meets grown-up furniture to make the ultimate sliding chair!

Meet the ‘S-it chair’ – a chair that you sit on by sliding down its backrest!  This might be one of the most natural way to sit in my opinion but make sure you are not sliding in with drinks or snacks because adults have to clean up their own mess. The chair includes a ladder, a handrail, a backrest, and a seat that are all combined together to give us a playful modern piece of furniture. I can picture this in our homes and no one will suspect the amount of fun one can have with their own mini slide-chair!

Designer Shinji was inspired to create this fun design when he was visiting a local playground and went down the slide to bring back some of his fondest childhood memories. He happened to notice that the slope he just slid down had turned into a backrest given that a kid-size slide is practically a chair for an adult and that is how the ‘S-it chair’ came to be. The S-it chair would make a great addition to your yard or even inside office space because, let’s admit it, we all need that unconventional, out-of-the-box inspiration to get our creative juices flowing. Eccentric yet nostalgic with the right mix of functionality, the S-it chair is a piece that elevates what furniture design means for the designers and the end users.

It is perfect for a Netflix binge, a quiet reading session, or that morning lazy moment when you have to start work but don’t feel like it so you literally slide into your chair. This chair is 2021 essential!

Designer: Shinji Hishida