The Last Wallet You’ll Ever Need

My modern combination of OCD and ADD have made it near impossible to find the perfect wallet. It’s often the case they’ll have either too many cards and not enough slots, or too many slots for not that many cards and no space for cash! Don’t even get me started on coins… The DJIN wallet aims to provide a straightforward way to organize your pockets.

The design’s built-in clip adjusts to your specific needs, allowing you to arrange 10 cards, 20 bills, or any combination of the two – all neatly enclosed in a folding compartment. Inside, a unique sliding feature also gives you quick access to your entire set of payment and identification cards. It also includes a Koala-Gear RFID-blocking card to protect personal information from being stolen by readers. What’s more is, it’s the first wallet to include a built-in compartment, in the form of a concealed drawer, for keeping loose change, keys, and other tidbits secure.

Designer: Yonatan Aldouby of Koala-Gear

Click here to Buy Now: $59.00


DJIN is a tiny, patent-pending wallet that allows you to access everything you need in one swift motion. There’s a clip for cards and bills, a slide pocket for your coins, keys and USB sticks, and a concealed stash-drawer for extra-valuable items. Also, DJIN comes in leather or microfiber, so you can choose the style that’s right for you.


DJIN is secure but easy to access. Light, but substantial. Tiny, but large enough for everything you need.


You can stop digging for keys and fishing for coins. DJIN beautifully allows you to see your entire wallet in the palm of your hand. A small tilt forwards and everything slides out for you to see. Just pick what you need.


Every DJIN comes with its own beautiful Koala-Gear RFID-blocking card. It’s designed to protect personal information stored on credit cards or any other RFID Cards from e-pickpockets using handheld RFID scanners. Just put it in front of any RFID cards you have in the stack and free yourself from worrying about your information being stolen. The card will protect all the cards behind it and the first card in front of it.


Click here to Buy Now: $59.00