A Fabulous Fish Tank for our Fishy Friends


A fish tank is something that many of us own; it’s home to our fishy little companions that make our houses feel a little more like home! But there is no denying that a lot of fish tanks are somewhat of unsightly eyesores; they stand out within the home for all the wrong reasons as opposed to complimenting the existing furniture. This is certainly far from ideal.

AQUA is indisputably an exception to this! The crisp, clean geometry beautifully combines a fish tank, plant pot and sculpture, seamlessly. And most importantly, it does this without compromising the habitability of the environment for the fish.

The range of varying forms, material finishes, and proportions ensure that there is sure to be a tank to suit any room and any décor, while also providing a wonderful home for our fishy friends!

Designer: Andrii Kovalskyi