A Characterful 360° Camera!


Having the ability to almost instantaneously capture moments and create seemingly unlimited, meaningful memories is a luxury that we have been given easy access to in this last decade via our cameras and smartphones. However, in more recent years this technology has advanced further as we can now capture the world in breath-taking 360°.

VISTA does just this, and it does it via a neat, user-friendly design! Its characterful design style is equal parts playful and functional; the front and rear of the casing is identical in form, to allow it to accommodate the two lenses, while the touch points are clearly recognizable and intuitive in where they are positioned.

VISTA’s wonderful party-trick is its tripod that is incorporated neatly into the body of the camera; this gives the user a comfortable place to hold the camera by, as well as having a compact and convenient tripod wherever they travel!

Designer: Tyson Mai