Beutifully Archaic Lighting

There’s something sort of “stone-age” about the Kaji lamp & its simplistic, yet striking look that appears to be the work of a caveman’s first encounter with an electric light bulb. A single arm extends from the cord, effectively making the cord itself an integral part of the structure rather than a cumbersome nuisance. Propped on a slim teak fork, the unique construction creates an aesthetic reversal of the archetypical tripod desk lamp. A beautiful interpretation of the minimal/raw style that’s in vogue.

Designer: Peter Yong Ra


  • Betsey says:

    The lamp has a prehistoric feel, as if at night it might get up and walk away. Love it!

  • Christopher says:

    A fine bit of art – if that’s the purpose. but as a lamp it has a number of issues:
    – when the table is hit and the light falls it will land on the bulb which will then break.
    – incandescent light? seriously?
    – where is the switch? or does a lack of one add to the simplicity?
    – Did you mean to misspell the title?

    keep trying.

  • jhon says:

    Zing!!! eheheh.:D

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