Galaxy S25 Ultra design rumor claims it will lose its distinctive boxy look

Since 2011, Samsung has been launching two flagships a year, one under its premium Galaxy S brand and another with the Galaxy Note name. The latter has mostly been defined by its large screen and S Pen stylus, though now large screens or phablets are the norm rather than the exception. By now, the Galaxy Note is pretty much history, but it seems that it might be making a comeback in an unexpected and perhaps unwelcome way. We’re still half a year away, but rumors about the Galaxy S25 Ultra have already started to attract attention, both good and bad, especially on how its design will be throwing away what has made it look unique in exchange for what is both a throwback to the past and a nod to its stylus-less siblings.

Designer: Samsung (via @Wvisioncreation)

Galaxy S24 Ultra

Although Samsung retired the Galaxy Note name, its legacy lived on in the Galaxy S Ultra series. Not only does it have an S Pen stowed inside its body, it also retains the design that set the previous Galaxy Notes apart from the Galaxy S phones. Specifically, it had a rather boxy design, especially when viewed from the front. Not only are the top and bottom edges flat, the corners are also sharp and angular, a design that you’ll rarely see on other phones these days.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

According to the first rumors to come out for Samsung’s 2025 flagship, the Galaxy S25 Ultra will be losing that design DNA. The design is described as having more rounded corners, similar to the Galaxy Note 7 from 2016 with one important exception. The screen is still flat, something that Samsung did for the first time in this year’s Galaxy S24 Ultra, rather than the heavily curved display of yesteryear’s Galaxy Notes. In not so many words, it’s going to look like the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+, and presumably the Galaxy S25 and Galaxy S25+.

Galaxy Note 7

On one hand, this change makes sense from a branding perspective, especially if you consider how the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip are also transforming. Samsung’s foldables are becoming edgier, so to speak, taking on an appearance similar to the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The company, therefore, needs to differentiate the two product lines, and making the Galaxy S25 Ultra look like its siblings from the same Galaxy S line makes the integration of the Galaxy Note complete.

Galaxy S24+

On the other hand, response to the rumored change has been generally negative so far. That boxy and squarish design has become the visual identity of the Galaxy S Ultra, especially for fans of the Galaxy Note. In fact, they probably wish the Galaxy S to adopt the design rather than the other way around, if only to set Samsung’s flagship apart from the sea of phones with flat edges, flat screens, and rounded corners.

Galaxy S24 Series