A Solution for Aging Nations


A growing population of elderly individuals is a modern issue designers are just beginning to address. As more people grow old and dependent on alternative mobilities like wheelchairs, so does the need to keep individuals connected with their families. That’s the idea behind the “Connected” wheelchair.

The design is rooted in the idea that, just because one is confined to a wheelchair, they shouldn’t be prevented from something as simple as taking a stroll with their grandchildren. It combines the functionality of a car seat and stroller with a wheelchair so users can spend close time with loved ones at home or roaming outside. Not only restricted to use by the elderly, it’s also a solution for anyone with impaired mobility.

Designers: Yun-Sheng Cheng & Chee Zhong NG


“The design could be converted to a stroller as well when the parents take their children out alone. For extending the life and value of the product, “Connect” would be finally used as a wheelchair for the elderly for independent mobility in sustainability,” designers Cheng and NG told Yanko Design.