An Unrestrained Masterpiece

If there was ever such a thing as too pretty to drive, this might be it. The latest from Eadon Green’s iconic collection of vintage-inspired concepts, the Zeclat looks like it might be more at home in a museum than on the road.

The coupe’s curvaceous shape, reminiscent of 1930s aero cars like the Figoni or Chapron, are a nod to the dramatic design during the Art Deco period. However, its carbon-nano-composite paneled chassis, carbon fiber body shell, and a 6.2 liter V8 are anything but old-fashioned.

Though it might look as if it were designed to meander down a country road, its wide tires, robust stance, and engine roar say something entirely different. Its performance DNA is continued throughout the interior with an aggressive and sporty wrap-around cockpit clad in hand-stitched leather, carbon fiber, piano black gloss panels, and polished aluminum detailing.

Designer: Eadon Green