The easiest, safest way to wash and clean knives


The challenge with washing a knife is cleaning the blade without cutting anything. I’ve spoiled a hundred sponges and scouring pads trying to scrub a knife blade only to have the blade actually slice across the sponge, leaving a cut in it. Within twenty washes, your sponge is a fine shredded mince.

Joseph Joseph’s BladeBrush tackles the problem with the company’s signature innovative style. The U-shaped brush comes with bristles on both ends, strong enough to scrub any grime off the blade, even getting in between serrations. The bristles make a perfect choice not only because they do a remarkable job cleaning the blade, but also because the blade doesn’t really slice through them, since they flex. The BladeBrush works perfectly with any sort of blade and even with cutlery, making the cleaning process easier… and it keeps your hands clean too, since you’re holding a textured rubber grip around a plastic frame, and not a soapy sponge!

Designer: Joseph Joseph

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