Tentacled Lamp

The nightstand and lamp are bedside staples, so why not combine the two? The Medusa bedside lamp offers a perfect diffused glow for reading and a surface under and above the shade for resting small objects like a phone or a glass of water. The unique form was inspired by the jellyfish of the same name and features three supports like modern, elegant tentacles.

Designer: Mikhail Belyaev


  • Loni Beranek says:

    Splendid!!! How can I get one?

  • Hunter says:

    Needs to be bigger. Can it hold my alarm clock, cellphone / tablet, glasses, and perhaps a photo frame? From the look of the pictures, I would say no.

  • Bender says:

    Yes It can, also +books and newspapers. I use it at my home.

  • gpmalizia says:

    Can you tell me where you bought the Medusa Bedside Lamp? You can buy it online?

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