NKMOS Wants To Turn All Your Devices Hands-free

It may seem like I’m nitpicking, but the one last hurdle for technology to cross is the fact that it should be hands-free. Holding up a phone or a tablet to create, consume, or participate in content seems like a drag, and that’s probably one of the reasons I like the idea of head-mounted AR/VR displays. They leave your hands free to do whatever you want… and until they do become as ubiquitous as the smartphone itself, we’ll have to do with the ever-useful mount.

Nik Conomos’s modular mount was made to transition us into the handsfree realm. Made for universal usage, the mount comes with two industrial-grade suction cups that are more than capable of lifting your gadgets up, and two magnetic ball and socket joints that allow you to position your gadget at literally any angle you choose. The mount, titled the NKMOS Modular Mounting System, comes without any hinges that grow weak with time and usage, and without any adhesives that make it a permanent solution. The suction pads can lift anything from your phone to a tablet to even a Nintendo Switch up, while allowing you to mount it on any flat surface, even if it’s vertical or even upside down. The suction ensures you can use and reuse the mount on any surface multiple times, without the worry of damaging the surface.

Machined from aluminum and steel, the NKMOS has the maneuverability of a dentist’s light, thanks to its double ball-socket joint arrangement. It mounts on any surface, and can be positioned at practically any angle, and even comes with a modular design, allowing you to branch out, joining as many as three sockets to a single magnetic ball. This setup makes the NKMOS a great mount even for recording equipment, letting you attach and position lights, microphones, etc. to your camera (be it your phone, tablet, or even action cam). Universally compatible, universally modular, and practically future proof, the NKMOS can be used for domestic as well as professional applications. The magnetic joints and suction pads are industrial strength too, allowing you to use the NKMOS mounting system even in your shower, or even your car… or basically anywhere you’d need to go hands-free!

Designers: Nik Conomos & Gareth Schroder

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Use it to mount smartphones, tablets or even the Nintendo Switch to many different surfaces including, glass, walls, virtually any mostly flat surface with a relatively glossy surface. Use it almost anywhere such as in the car, the kitchen, bathroom, garage, office or gym.

Designed in Australia by NKMOS using their philosophy ‘Functional Elegance’. This means we aim to create something that looks beautiful and elegant without compromising on functionality.

The entire product other than the suction cups is made of metal (aluminum and steel).




Each part is CNC machined and anodized for a high end feel and finish.


Magnetic Ball Joints

The systems magic is in its aluminum rod featuring extremely high quality and high strength magnetic ball joints at either end. They have a holding force of 20kgs a piece and can conformably hold up to 1.5kgs at almost any angle.

This means that you have the freedom to rotate the mount to almost any shape and any angle you desire plus detach and reattach modules to customize them exactly the way you want.

Industrial Grade Suction Cups

Extremely high quality and versatile, our suction cups will not only hold up to hundreds of uses and re-uses but also suction to many different surfaces including your standard glass and aluminum but also on your household walls! They are also user replaceable even though you will probably never need to.


Absolute Flexibility

You can connect up to 3 magnetic rods to 1 ball so the possibilities are virtually endless.

Future Proofing Modules

As this is a modular system, there will be more modules to come in the very near future as we build a community around the user customizable mounting system. They want to hear from you which modules you would like to see.

Above shows their GoPro + accessories module and how you could possibly customize the mount your way.


They will also be heavily focusing on musicians with a microphone stand attachment that is already in the works.

Click here to Buy Now: $49.00 $79.00 (38% off). Hurry, less than 6 days left!