You Will Never Forget A Meeting Again!


As much as we all try and stay organized, we are bound to forget something sooner or later, and for this reason the Memo Cube was born. Packed full of a range of useful, memory-aiding tools, you may never forget an important meeting ever again!

It’s a well-known fact that Post-it notes are a man’s best friend, and luckily Memo Cube has this area covered; four types of Post-it notes are at the user’s fingertips, ensuring that there is a Post-it note fit for any occasion! As well as this, it also provides the user with a dedicated place to store their loose paperclips, meaning they won’t be lost at the bottom of draws ever again!

All of this is wrapped up within a neat, simplistic yet extremely functional design, and with it being available in a variety of color options, there is bound to be one that compliments your style and workspace!

Designer: Jonghwan Kim