A wallet with $$$wag!

Just imagine the reaction of the cashier at the grocery or your barista or the food delivery guy’s reaction when you pull the Zenlet out to pay them. It brings back the swagger with which most people would operate slider phones, but this concept puts its money where its mouth is, or rather money where its money is supposed to be… never mind. Zenlet is the world’s most outlandish wallet design and it honestly makes me want to ditch the cruddy folding leather wallet I’m currently using.

The way it works is simple. Molded in an ABS/PC blend (what every plastic phone body is made of), the Zenlet slides to open and close, revealing a storage space on the inside that’s perfect for cards, notes, and even a few coins. The sliding interaction opens like a breeze and closes with a reassuring click that even goes as far as to waterproof the insides of the wallet. Another incredible bit of innovation is the Zenlet’s RFID Blocking feature. It prevents hackers from scanning the contents of your wallet and getting access to your car/bank information, giving your money and valuables complete, all-round security.

It takes an extra bit of creativity to give the wallet such a bold makeover. We’ve seen loads of concepts of the same old wallet being made in different materials, or being simplified to just a clip or strap that holds your stuff in place, but nothing quite like the Zenlet. Not just a champion of innovative thinking, but also incredibly ahead in terms of functionality, Zenlet isn’t just a great wallet to own, it’s quite a case study for designers looking to shake the world up!

Designers: Ian Hsieh & Donna Chang

Buy Now: $50.00