This mixed reality headset gamifies your fitness regime, trigers healthy habits in a fun way

Mixed reality is transforming the way we perceive and experience the world around us. We can virtually step into an immersive environment that feels almost like the real thing. One useful application of this technology is health gamification. For those who are unaware, gamification is the process of incorporating game elements such as points, rewards, and achievements, into non-game contexts.

The Portalverse VR headset concept is a thoughtful iteration of how virtual reality can be used to promote health and wellness. It’s a sleek and lightweight VR headset designed for comfort and equipped with advanced sensors to track head and eye movements – interacting with the virtual environment naturally.

Designer: Marko Filipic and Mati Papalini

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One key feature of Portalverse VR is its ability to gamify health and wellness in one’s daily routine with an avatar that behaves as a real person would. By gamifying these activities, the headset and its accompanying interface (smart mirror) make for an engaging and motivating regime for health-conscious people. The designers envision this headset to be used at home with the Portal smart mirror or outdoors using a smartwatch.

You can use the mixed reality wearable to participate in a virtual exercise class, wherein, real-time will be used to provide feedback on the form and technique. As the user (via the avatar) progresses through the exercise routine, they would earn points and unlock achievements for reaching certain milestones, such as completing a set number of repetitions. The accompanying app customizes the coaching levels and gives important feedback based on the user’s performance.

Another example of how Portalverse VR can be used for health gamification is through meditation. The headset transports the user to a peaceful, virtual environment, for instance, a beach or forest. The app guides the user through a meditation routine, for proper breathing and relaxation techniques. As the user progresses through the routine, they could earn points and rewards for achieving deeper levels of relaxation and mindfulness.

By using advanced VR technology to gamify health and wellness activities, headsets like the Portalverse VR could make it more engaging and motivating for users to adopt healthy lifestyles. VR startups better get some inspiration from this concept mixed reality headset!