Beautiful, tactile, secure… the Punkt MP02 is the perfect ‘anti-smartphone’


I wouldn’t go as far as to call the MP02 a ‘dumbphone’ because it isn’t. The phone comes with 4G LTE capabilities, but in almost every regard, it’s the absolute antithesis of your conventional, bezel-less, dual-camera, slick-and-shiny, addictive smartphone.

Styled like a regular phone, the MP02 champions and highlights features that matter, like a utilitarian UI and a UX that caters to one’s basic needs… communication. Recognizing that communication can be done easily by voice and text, the MP 02 sticks to just that, and comes with a monochrome display with legible elements (that are completely text-based for zero ambiguity), and a functional, tactile keypad that you could practically use without looking at.

The MP02 boasts of industry-grade security thanks to Blackberry (the same security used in phones belonging to the members of the White House), and it in-fact does come with a 4G connection that works as a hotspot, allowing you to access the internet on a laptop or tablet ‘if and when needed’. “If anyone wants to talk to me, they can give me a call. Other forms of communication, for example email or social media, are available when I choose to use them – and via a linked device that allows me to use them more effectively.” says Petter Neby, founder of Punkt.

The Punkt. MP02 isn’t, therefore, a dumbphone. It focuses on communication, rather than connection, allowing you to stay efficient and your communication to be effective. And if you’re wondering if the MP02 is as strong as, say, Nokia’s 3310… the outer body of the MP02 is reinforced with glass-fibre and finished with a tough, abrasion-resistant coating… plus, it’s IP52 splash-proof too.

Designer: Jasper Morrison for Punkt.

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