If Silicon Valley Designed the Travel Suitcase


Jam-packed with features and tech, the Plevo makes the perfect case for the fast-paced life of a person from the Silicon Valley. It doesn’t pull any stops, and like most valley based companies and people, tries to multi-task to the max and be the best at everything it does.

The hard-shell suitcase comes in three sizes (as well as an expandable design), from a smaller, cabin friendly variant to a large-sized suitcase you could practically live your life out of, but that’s just the beginning. Open the suitcase and it features a one-of-a-kind garment hanging rack that slides outwards with built-in hangers that you can use to suspend your clothes. When kept standing vertical, your clothes and expensive suits remain perfectly straight, never being crushed by the rest of your luggage. On the back, the Plevo has a secondary flap that houses a special sleeve for your laptop and electronics. Separating it from the rest of the bulk, it allows you to carry all your stuff together and separate them easily at the time of scanning or checking in. To further aid your need for using electronics, the Plevo comes with a detachable power-bank that docks inside the suitcase’s top (right beside the pull-out handle), allowing you to charge your phone or tablet on the go via both USB and USB Type-C, not just allowing you to have a replenished battery for work and entertainment purposes, but also so that you can connect to your suitcase via its own app, using it to track the whereabouts of your luggage and even to sync it to your fingerprint or face scanner, allowing it to unlock via your phone and your own biometrics.

Aside from the biometric lock and the TSA lock, the Plevo also showcases another world’s first with their Morse Lock that lets you unlock the bag using a morse-code-inspired system where you tap on the unlock button in a distinct pattern to let the bag know it’s you (reminiscent of the secret door-knocking pattern you’d use as a kid in your secret clubs). The Morse Pattern, unique to you, lets you set a third layer of security to the Plevo, just in case your phone runs out of battery, or you happen to misplace the key to the suitcase.

Built from the top to bottom with features that not just make it an incredibly capable suitcase but a long-lasting and reliable one too, the Plevo comes with detachable wheels as well, allowing you to protect the parts that are the most susceptible to wear-and-tear. With an in-built scale that also tells you how much your luggage weighs, the Plevo doesn’t just make traveling easier like other suitcases do. It makes traveling smarter, safer, cheaper (by letting you know when you overpack, helping you avoid overweight costs), and aids the packing and unpacking process too, thanks to the garment hanging attachment. With such a massive feature-list, it’s difficult to even find a worthy competitor for the Plevo. Oh, did I also mention, it also comes with a lifetime warranty??

Designers: Federico Pelatti, Mauro Manzo, Franco DiPietro & Ivan Nieto

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Plevo is the most innovative (removable battery pack, GPS tracking, smart lock, built-in digital scale, garment hanger and travel assistant app) luggage set in the world. Based on the concept of functional and aesthetic design, Plevo has combined the perfect mix between technology and ease of use, empowering travelers around the world to maximize their travel experience.







Available In 3 Models (Runner, Infinite & Up)




Garment Hanger – Take the hanger from your closet, hang it on the suitcase and go! Their Garment Hanger System® has been patented in more than 149 countries and allows Plevo UP to be the first 100% vertical luggage in the world. No need to put the luggage on the floor to enjoy it – leave it standing UP and access what you need.


GPS Location Tracking – With their 3G location tracking you will always know where your luggage is, whether it’s 20 meters or 20 countries away. Never wonder where your luggage is again, plus, you can even know when it’s coming to you at the luggage carousel.


SMART Lock (Face ID, Touch ID and Morse Code) – Welcome to your very own personalized digital bio-lock for the highest level of security. No more old school metal locks. Best of all, it’s approved by airport security.



Face ID revolutionizes authentication using facial recognition, and with a simple glance it’s a secure and private new way to lock and un-lock your Plevo.


The highest level of security at your fingertips. Put your mind at ease knowing that you can lock your suitcase via your smartphone; if you get separated from your Plevo, it will lock automatically. Access can be shared with people you trust, and you will be notified anytime someone attempts to open the suitcase. The Plevo Travel Sentry® Approved Lock is accepted by the TSA.

Let’s say you lost your phone, you ran out of battery or you wanna let a friend open your luggage. They thought about a solution that doesn’t require your phone, your face, or even your fingerprint. Just put the code you previously set with morse code, and boom, that’s it. To lock it, just press and hold the button for 2 seconds.

Removable Battery Pack – Plevo’s Removable Battery Pack is compliant with all Airline Regulations, so you can travel worry-free. Charge all your devices. USB and USB-C ports.


Built-in Digital Scale


Removable Sleeve – They know that going through security checkpoints at the Airport sucks, so we decided to make it easy for you to breeze through them by being able to access your electronics without having to open your bag.


Removable Wheels – Did you know that broken wheels is the Nr. 1 reason for buying a new luggage? Not with PLEVO; our removable wheels ensure you’ll keep on rolling forever.


Expandable Textile – Need more space? No problem, just unzip and expand your Plevo so you don’t leave anything behind.

Colors – Personality is a great trait and nothing more personal than your favorite color. They would love to have ALL the colors in the world but for now, you have to pick between these 4 beautiful options (red, pink, silver and blue)


Click here to Buy Now: $269.00 $375.00 (28% off). Hurry, less than 4 days left and over $270,000 raised!