Modular Seating Like No Other!


Modular seating is an area of the market that designers love to create innovative solutions for and even though it has been addressed time after time, nothing is quite like the rather incredible UNIO Seating.

Made up of a series of elements, the family consists of five beautifully upholstered seats each with varying backrests and a single wooden table that hides a unique feature. These six combinative elements come together using a grid-like system, and the diverse seating arrangements that can be created cater to the demanding needs and everchanging working styles of the modern worker.

Now for the aforementioned unique feature. The table is more than just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill kind, concealed in the wooden top is an inductive charging platform. So there will be no more hunting for a nearby wall socket! The table is also incredibly responsive; it can be adjusted in multiple directions to achieve the perfect ergonomics for each individual!

Designer: Markus Melcher


Six Combinative Elements

The system consists of an upholstered seat with different backrest options to create single and multiple seating options. A versatile table completes the product family.


Grid System

All parts are based on a classic furniture grid (60×60 cm).


Combine and Create

UNIO offers various ways to create a seating configuration. The system is highly customizable and can scale up and down on demand.


UNIO creates an inviting and natural impression with tactile materiality for a relaxed work environment.​​​​​​





Invisible Strength & Straightforward Assembly

The construction is extremely durable thanks to a robust leg integration. The leg adapters are securely fixed into the corner of the recess.



Discoverable Functionality

The table is the most interactive and responsive element of the system. It offers an inductive charging platform for mobile devices as well as various movements to achieve better ergonomics.


Fulfills​ Individual Needs

UNIO is diverse and spontaneous, inspired by the daily activities of “Generation Z”.