For the Curious Coffee Lover

The idea behind the Brothers in Arms espresso set was to express a sense of unity between objects within in the series. Using embedded magnets as connectors, each set of cup, saucer, and spoon becomes a conjoined false single piece. A clever design sure to catch the curiosity of each new user.

Designer: André Gouveia & Gonçalo Pimenta


  • ddoggang says:

    FUN ! 😀

  • Jarosław Ciupiński says:

    Cup and saucer are separate for a reason.

    If there are magnets, yes, they may be separated but you will have to use more force for that than just picking up normal cup. blah.

  • Yuri Baumann says:

    I agree with you. Due to the unexpected force relief, the worst case would be to spill your coffee everywhere except into your mouth…

  • Feniks says:

    Spoon is made ​​of stainless steel, which has very low magnetic. Do you plan to produce special spoons?

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