It’s a HoloGramophone!

Let’s look at the best of all worlds. The best sort of music player is undoubtedly the vinyl music player, for its incredibly detailed reproduction and analog warmth. The best kind of speaker is a portable speaker, for the fact that it can be placed anywhere, instantly uplifting the space with foot-tapping beats or peaceful music. The best sort of charging is wireless charging (because it’s easy and efficient), and the best sort of music is the music you choose to play, accompanied by music’s best friend. Visuals.

Combine all of them together and you have what should theoretically be the best contemporary music player. Titled the Kozmophone, this alternate-reality gramophone takes one of Edison’s greatest inventions and gives it multiple upgrades, including a miniature holograph projector that brings back the visual joy we associated with Windows Media Player’s visualizer graphics, before online streaming took over.

The avant-garde gramophone comes with a slick, glossy, cutting-edge design, featuring an Audio Technica AT 91 cartridge, belt-driven turntable with built-in vibration damping and 35-45 RPM compatibility, and a fully adjustable tonearm with a counterweight. The horn, a signature element of the gramophone’s visual aesthetic comes with a detachable design, functioning as an external speaker that docks within Kozmophone when you want, and lets you carry your music around with you when you need. Want some private listening? The Kozmophone comes with a 3.5mm output for your headphones, and cleverly allows you to dock them on its body too. For serious audiophiles, there’s an RCA output too.

Here’s where the Kozmophone creates the perfect intersection between retro and modern. Stellar music quality aside, the Kozmophone also allows you to wirelessly charge your smartphone, via the charging pad that lies right near the headphone dock. Built with Bluetooth 4.2, it also allows you to stream music from online platforms onto the Kozmophone via your mobile. The Bluetooth module is housed within the detachable horn of the gramophone, allowing you to carry your external speaker and music playback device too, giving you the freedom of movement coupled with the freedom of choice between your vinyl and online music collection.

The Kozmophone’s magnum opus, however, remains its holographic display and ambient lighting system, that pair with the music to give you an audio-visual delight. Projecting images onto a transparent pyramid, Kozmophone adds a hint of spice to the music experience, delighting you with floating holograms that rotate or dance around while the music plays. With Kozmo’s expanding library of holograms you can have everything from a dancing avatar to a flitting butterfly accompanying your music, along with an ambient underlight that absolutely sets the mood… and there you have it, theoretically be the best contemporary music player in this world!

Designer: Arcateliers

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Kozmophone is the world’s first modular speaker and holographic turntable. A classic reimagined, a beautiful marriage of the past, the present and the future, Kozmophone is a seamlessly designed turntable with a minimalist style and amazing features.







They designed the Kozmophone for everyone from the first-time record listener to the experienced vinyl enthusiast. This had to be a great record player, one that would offer a flawless listening experience and would protect vinyl discs no matter how many times you played them. They made sure it had all the features a high-quality turntable needs. You don’t need to set up your cartridge or purchase additional gear such as phono pre-amps, amplifiers and speakers. All of these are included in Kozmophone’s integrated design.


This year marks the 141st anniversary of the phonograph, the brainchild of prolific inventor and original scratch master, Thomas Edison. Paying tribute to the original, they wanted to bring back the iconic share, so they kept Edison’s horn-style speaker design, but we updated it for our times, adding modern day touches, and also a touch of the future.


They reimagined the audio design with modern technology and took their sound in a new direction. Every direction. Kozmophone rotates a full 360-degrees, for consistent, uniform coverage, so that everyone gets the same experience and enjoys high-quality audio.

Kozmophone has a hidden compartment perfect for storing your cleaning kit for your vinyl discs. Keep your records clean with easy, quick and convenient access to the cleaning kit.

You can bypass the integrated speakers and use Kozmophone as standalone Hi-Fi turntable for your own audio setup, thanks to the built-in RCA line out ports.

Thomas Edison probably never imagined his phonograph having a holographic display, but Kozmophone distingues itself with a hologram inside the mail cylinder housing. You can choose from a selection of holographic animations found on the Kozmo App, to accompany playback, and even create your own.

Listen to your favorite vinyl in a colored ambiance. Choose your preferred color through the Kozmo App for an interactive, visual map of the music.

Charge your smartphone or any device with wireless charging integrated. All you have to do is place your device on top of the cylinder.


Click here to Buy Now: $249.00.