Uplifting your boring presentations with a twist!

The HP Elite Presenter Mouse cleverly gives you best of both worlds. A simple black bar with a matte handle and a microtextured control panel on top, the Elite Presenter Mouse twists a full 180° at a slight angle to turn from remote-controlled laser presenter to fully functioning mouse. With presenter controls on one side and mouse keys on the other side, the Elite Presenter mouse ingeniously plays both roles, allowing you to switch between tools of choice in a split second.

The Elite pairs via Bluetooth with a PC, working within an impressive range of 30 feet from the connected device. With forward and backward controls, you can navigate through your presentation, selecting/clicking on objects and links using the central button. It even includes a virtual laser pointer button that allows you to highlight or point a laser point at something on the screen without a laser beam. The remote has spatial awareness and motion tracking, and displays a dot on your screen, allowing you to control its position.

Above the controls on the presenter interface is a tiny window that houses a sensor for the mouse. Flip the mouse over and twist the handle, and the Elite shifts into Mouse mode, letting you use its naturally angled body for a proper grip, as you rely on the right and left clicks to operate your computer naturally. Fold it back, switch it off, and the HP Elite Presenter Mouse slides easily into its leather sleeve and into your laptop bag, occupying hardly any space!

The HP Elite Presenter Mouse is a winner of the Red Dot Product Design Award for the year 2018.

Designer: HP

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