Flip the Secret Box over to hide your valuables!

Always one to make interesting, interactive designs that require a hands-on approach and a wow factor, you may remember Marc Venot’s Quetzal Lamp and Chair series. The Secret Box, a design developed for French design brand Lexon, involves a similar, playful approach that baffles you with a simple trick that involves a simple 180° flip.

The Secret Box allows you to stash valuables in a transparent acrylic jar. Flip the jar over, and it goes from transparent to completely opaque, hiding your items from one’s view. A clever trick, the Secret Box uses an opaque, milky liquid trapped within a double-walled container. When the container’s kept upright, the liquid sits at the base of the jar, while the walls remain transparent. Flip the jar over and the liquid exits the base and fills up the walls, blocking what’s inside the jar from your view. Anyone unfamiliar with the box’s little secret will probably think the box contains a liquid inside it. Tip the box back over and the liquid collects at the base again, revealing the items you hid inside it in the first place. The Secret Box is perfect for stashing things you don’t want other people getting their hands on. From loose change, to cookies or candy, the Secret Box is an inventive little product that hides your valuables from the rest of the world… but not you! Only you know the clever little secret!

Designer: Marc Venot for Lexon

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