The wireless, shape-shifting hairdryer that’s designed to dock


Building on the running consensus that life is too short for bulky, clunky products, the Docking Hairdryer by Jeongjin Ko features a clever, rotating handle that transforms the hairdryer’s shape from an L-shaped product to a linear one, allowing it to occupy a slimmer footprint, and to dock perfectly into its charging stand, becoming an overall cylindrical mass that’s beautiful to look at.

Jeongjin’s hairdryer explores different proportions, with a shorter, wider body, and a long, slim handle. The two masses intersect at a swiveling 45° miter joint, allowing the handle to go from perpendicular to parallel simply by rotating it. The wireless hairdryer, with its charging pins located at the base of the handle, can be docked cleanly into its charger stand, where its battery gets juiced up for another day of hair-drying. The docked unit can easily fit into travel bags and suitcases too!

Designer: Jeongjin Ko