This packaging design’s innovative and simple form lets you eat snacks fuss-free!

Who avoids eating pistachios because of the mess the shells create? Well, we might just be in luck because ÖLOBOX was designed with a pocket for shells inside the packaging itself which allows you to eat snacks like pistachios anywhere! The origami-inspired packaging design is meant for snacks that need shelling before eating. The husks section is inside and opens after the pack is opened. When you finish eating, simply close the pack with shells and discard it responsibly.

ÖLOBOX aims to encourage a new culture of healthy snacking and an attentive attitude that takes into account how we interact with the packaging, if it makes snacking easier, what happens to the packaging after the snack is done, and more. When we choose our snack it is also important to start taking note of the waste it generates. “First of all, it’s very important to tell the customer how to use the new package. We have found inspiration in the symbol of recycling. The main idea of the design of ÖLOBOX’s pack is based on the instruction there with the arrows being the key elements. They show the sequence of actions for the consumer: 1-2-3,” says Olkas Voron as her packaging design focuses on making the experience easy.

At Yanko Design, we are obsessed with innovative packaging so we put this one on our Instagram to let our audience react and discuss. There were a lot of insightful comments pointing out things that could actually make ÖLOBOX a whole lot better, for example, many readers recommended a shape that could also stand on its own because snacks like pistachios require you to use both hands and the cone form makes that hard to do. Environmentally conscious readers would love to see the plastic element being replaced or even taken out completely to reduce waste and make the entire packaging recyclable. However, ÖLOBOX is a step in the right direction and all we can say is SHELL YEAH!

Designer: Olkas Voron, Nikita Bulgakov and Aleksey Koler