Redesigning the clothes hanger as a product rather than an accessory

The hanger was always viewed as an accessory to fashion, and not a product in itself. As a result, it fulfilled just one job (the job that the fashion industry demanded from it) and nothing else. Hangers today are one of the most disposed items, given their cheap construction, inflexible nature, and relative bulk… so Eduardo Kepekian redesigned them.

Unlike the cheap, easy-to-warp metal hangers, or the rigid, bulky plastic hangers (especially the ones for blazers), Eduardo’s HandyHNGR is collapsible, allowing it to occupy a minimal amount of space when you want to store/carry them, and opening into a fully functional hanger when you need them to hang your garments. When folded, the hanger occupies a fraction of its original space, and can be flat-packed, or even stored in your pocket. When opened out, the hanger can handle any sort of clothes, from tees, to jeans, from strap-dresses, to even blazers. Its unique design allows it to hang outfits, and the rounded ends give shape to your clothes and prevent them from deforming or wrinkling. The HandyHNGR comes in three timeless colors: Black, White, and Coral. Ideal for personal use, for travel, or for even using in a retail outlet (you can even have your logo printed on it), the HandyHNGR isn’t just a garment accessory, it’s a well-designed, functionally-sound product that solves true problems!

Designer: Eduardo Kepekian & La Fabrique à Innovations