The Ultimate Creativity Station for Children?!


Children have wild imaginations that can spark huge bursts of creativity, and this can be expressed through art and creations, but this can unfortunately bring with it a lot of mess and clutter! So, what if it could be boxed-up and contained when not in use? Well, that’s exactly what the extremely versatile IO Doodle Box does! It creates a fun and engaging workstation for children, that encourages creativity through crafts, while also acting as a portable storage box for when the fun comes to an end!

The Scandinavian Birch Plywood construction houses a multitude of design features, from an extremely practical storage tray that also supports the structure of the lid, to the integrated paper roll holder that allows for a seemingly continuous supply of paper.

When not in use, the box doubles as a quirky bench seat that can store the children’s creations! And for when then the box has been outgrown, it can continue to be used by the parents as a practical side table!

Designers: Mina Panic & Carlo Negri of IO Kids Design

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