A Desk That Encourages Our Inner Child to Come Out!


Regardless of our age or profession, it’s highly likely that we spend an unhealthy amount of our day sat down. In fact, studies have shown that a person now spends more than ten hours a day on their backside! Needless to say, this can gradually lead to health risks.

This unique piece of furniture is WEE! and it certainly looks like a rather fun method of introducing a bit of movement into our lives! It beautifully merges together both a working desk and a playful swing to create an item of furniture that allows the user to stay both productive and active during their busy day!

Its designers identified that the user may not always want to be swinging backwards and forwards, so when the seat is not in use it seamlessly integrates into the desk to become part of the work surface! Its simplistic and formal aesthetics is dramatically contrasted by its hidden feature that brings an element of nostalgia and playfulness into the workplace!

The Wee! is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2018.

Designer: Simonas Palovis