Gadget Table Cocktail

There used to be a time when a calculator was the only gadget at home, but now the scenario includes an entourage of multi-media products that we can’t live without. Taking cue from the automotive industry where seamless gadget integration is an integral part of the interior design, Philippe Barsol gives us the @home Coffee Table, which reciprocates the function at home. Blending gadgets into the home decor, this table effortlessly integrates mobilephone, laptop, memory stick, external hard drive, remote controls, cameras etc. within its niche spaces.

The main use of the chest is to bear the weight of a laptop, but also to fit the largest number of peripherals into its lateral drawers. The staggered double hinges enable it to be self-supporting and to raise its position when in use. It then becomes extremely easy to get the computer out when needed, without ever cluttering the table top.

Amazing design that I’m sure many of us would want in our homes!

Designer: Philippe Barsol

@home – coffee table from PHILIPPE BARSOL / DESIGNER on Vimeo.

@home Coffee Table That Integrates Gadgets by Philippe Barsol