Rake and Take to Compost

The title says it all. The Rake and Take is a cardboard composter. Instead of filling plastic trash bags, rake leaves into into the Rake and Take, compact them and compost them or leave them for city pick-up. Much “greener” than those nasty plastic bags. Be kind to the Earth mm-kay?

Designer: Louis Morton

Anyone can make one. Needed supplies: two sheets of cardboard (old refreidgerator
boxes work well) at least 40″ X 60″ in size, a T-square, pencil and exacto knife, and
45 minutes.

Rake up a big pile of leaves. Guide the leaves into the triangular opening. The rake
fits snugly into the sides of the box, allowing for efficient compacting. The slot
allows the rake to push leaves to the back of the container.

When finished and the container is ‘full’, insert the push panel to give the leaves an
extra smash, allowing room for more leaves! No need to grab another yard bag.

The push panel acts as a lid and keeps the leaves from flying away temporarily while
the Rake and Take is carried to the next leaf-raking spot.

When the Rake and Take is completely full, unfold the push panel and fold in the
locking tabs. Take it to the dump or be green and use the leaves to make a compost heap.


  • Keith says:

    Way too complicated. I’ll stick with my paper bags from Home Depot. Seriously, who uses plastic bags anymore?

  • zippyflounder says:

    just use your shop vac and then empty it into a wire frame composter…..

  • Collin says:

    all leave bags I know of are already paper, they are the big brown ones…

    also I feel it would make more sense to rake them when its flat so you’re not shoving them into an opening. Then fold it up and store the leaves, basically combining the step of bundling the leaves, then putting them into a container…

  • trimtab21 says:

    not a very practical design – pushing the rake into the box doesn’t really work – a rake is designed to be pulled.

    • Henrique Staino says:

      But you can get behind the composter and “pull” the leaves into it. The handle of the rake fits easily in the gap between the upper cardboard surfaces.

  • zu says:


  • Monavie says:

    I would use this more as a way to easily transport my leaves to my compost pile.

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