The Muse is a 100% Smartwatch and a 100% Analog Watch

By definition, an Analog Hybrid Smartwatch is a smartwatch that presents itself as an analog styled watch. Designed to look like a traditional timepiece, the hybrid smartwatch still packs in the features you would expect from a smartwatch, albeit with one key difference… the lack of a touchscreen display. The fact that it ditches the display and sticks to two or more hands to display time, functions, etc. could be considered a compromise by some tech enthusiasts… but the Muse does it in a way that allows the watch’s face to work as well as a display would.

The Muse is a hybrid smartwatch with practically no learning curve. Just as intuitive as a touchscreen display, the Muse comes with the added advantage of looking like a stylish timepiece, rather than a gizmo on your wrist. With two hands on the main dial, one subdial and one window that doesn’t show you the date, but rather displays the functions of the watch, allowing you to know exactly which function you’re running, the Muse manages to find a great middle ground between being analog, and being essentially a smart wearable. Couple that with two control buttons on the side, and you have a watch that doesn’t need a display at all.

Slick and stylish, the Muse is every bit a great analog timepiece. In fact, it looks nothing like a hybrid smartwatch, which I believe works well in its favor, because it stays true to the wearer’s need to have a stylish timepiece on their wrist that doesn’t look like an overambitious hybrid analog watch. The window at 3 o’clock is where things change, as you can cycle through the watch’s multiple features rather discreetly. The Muse comes packed with features that one would expect from a smart wearable and some more. It tracks activities (surprisingly even packing a UV sensor in to tell you if you’ve been out in the sun too long), auto-changes time zones, works as an alarm, buzzes you when you get mails/notifications/calls, allows you to snooze said notifications, works as a camera shutter button, and even comes with a phone-locating feature… but that isn’t just it.

Designed with no compromises, the Muse even manages to one-up most analog smartwatches with a contactless payment feature. Designed to allow you to make payments through your watch without needing internet or even battery power, the Muse sets its sights above hybrid smartwatches by trying to be as good as, if not better than, most smartwatches… and this is reinforced by its battery life. The Muse, aside from its long list of features, packs in a battery life of a full year, allowing you to use and rely on your smartwatch without having to worry about charging it. It sits on your wrist, tracking your daily activities as well as your sleep everyday for as long as 365 days before needing its annual charge.

Encased in a water-resistant metal case, with a sapphire coated mineral glass and genuine Italian Leather watch straps, the Muse strikes a perfect balance between being a stylish, sexy, long-lasting analog timepiece, and a highly capable, feature-packed smart wearable with zero compromises!

Designer: Muse Wearables

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Muse Hybrid Smartwatch is the world’s first luxury hybrid smartwatch with Fitness tracking, UV Radiation tracking, NFC Contactless Payments, Security features, smart notifications and controls, all with a 1 year battery life (No charging needed).




Click here to Buy Now: $99.00 $219.00 (55% off)



Muse Hybrid Smartwatch is powered by their own patent-pending smart movement technology. Their biggest achievement in the course of its development is – integrating all the smart features with traditional watch elements in a tiny footprint.


They redesigned the sub dial of the watch into a ‘Goal Progression + Activity + UV Meter’.

Unlike other hybrid watches where smart notifications are printed in small text which isn’t visible a hand away, Muse Hybrid Smartwatch comes with a 3.5 mm diameter window through which notification icons are clearly visible.


The digital UV Sensor to measure the UV rays from the Sun is smartly placed beneath the notification disc so that light directly falls on the sensor only when needed.






Click here to Buy Now: $99.00 $219.00 (55% off)



The world’s first UV and NFC enabled hybrid smartwatch. Get yourself notified when you are exposed to harmful UV levels.


Track your activities on the go and see the activity meter display your goal percentage reached.


Make payments with a tap at any one of the 38 Million contactless Mastercard POS terminals across the world with *Musepay. Musepay is completely safe and uses the same technology as your Debit/Credit cards. Just that you can wrap it around your wrist!


Configure a button to integrate with IFTTT platform. Tech geeks, take note!


Program your watch to act as Access card to your office, your phone lock or even send your business card with just a tap.


Find your misplaced phone with the single press of a button.


Control music on your mobile with the single press of a button.


Control your mobile camera with the Muse Hybrid Smartwatch.


Watch the Muse Hybrid Smartwatch update its time automatically when you reach a different timezone.


Get updates and suggestions on your sleep quality after a night’s sleep.


Trigger an emergency call to your loved ones with the press of a button in case of emergency.

Connect your Muse Hybrid Smartwatch to Muse AI – a powerful mobile platform with a beautiful and easy to use chat interface. Its core collection of personal assistants are incredibly intuitive and integrate seamlessly with the watch.

Click here to Buy Now: $99.00 $219.00 (55% off)