New-Age Gaming with an Old-World Charm!


Nyko’s Nintendo Switch Labo inspired kit ticks all the right boxes! A beautiful combination of cutting-edge handheld gaming tech and nostalgic design, the Nyko PixelQuest Arcade Kit turns Nintendo’s latest gaming device into something that takes you down memory lane.

The Pixelquest comes made out of cardboard, like all of Nintendo’s Labo accessories, but rather than transforming your handheld gaming device into an instrument, a mecha, or a moving toy, the PixelQuest takes you back in time to an era where gaming devices were large boxy cabinets with eye-level screens and controls that could withstand the abuse of an angry young teenage boy. The PixelQuest docks the Switch Screen, and the two handheld consoles (coming even with a joystick attachment like the old times), allowing you and your mate to play mano-a-mano or against the computer, just like the good old days. It also comes with a cheeky little graphic where the coin slot would be, and given its cardboard construction, can be colored/painted to look like an arcade cabinet from the golden days!

Designer: Nyko for Nintendo