A Watch With Historic Luxury At Its Center


Put a unique looking watch in front of us and you’re bound to have our attention. We’ve seen concrete watches, wooden watches, clear watches with flower petals suspended in them, and Vincero’s Marble range joins that echelon of unusually beautiful timepieces with a watch that has a face made out of the finest Italian Marble.

Marble is truly one of the oldest materials of luxury and opulence, with Greek and Roman greats commissioning statues, sculptures, and even buildings out of the smooth, wonderous material. Being synonymous with luxury, style, and substance, Italian Marble now makes its way to your wrist, in the form of a spectacular looking watch dial.

A Kickstarter success story, Vincero follows the customer-first business model, building watches from the ground up with customer feedback, and assembled in-house after importing their parts from the best sources. With movements from Japan, 316L Steel and Sapphire Crystals from China, and leather and marble from Italy, Vincero’s watches combine the best of all worlds but at a price that puts Vincero’s watches in the sweet spot of ‘affordable luxury’.

Vincero’s Marble Collection sports a 316L surgical grade stainless steel body with large Roman numerals on the watch’s face, complementing its Italian Marble center beautifully. Made with historic white or green Italian marble, the watch face sports a marbling pattern that’s unique to each and every watch, just like its wearer. With a Sapphire glass on the top, the words “Veni Vidi Vici” (the immortal words of Caesar, “I came, I saw, I conquered”) on the back, and a Citizen Miyota Quartz movement on the inside, the Vincero Marble Watch screams panache and precision in the same sentence, while the price tag, courtesy of the disruptive Kickstarter B2C model says “luxury with value for money”.

Designer: Vincero Studio

Click here to Buy Now: $152.00 $179.00 (15% off by using promo code YANKO15)


Marble Collection

A beautiful timepiece with a hint of history. The Italian marble in this watch was used to build empires. Let it remind you to live your legacy.



Click here to Buy Now: $152.00 $179.00 (15% off by using promo code YANKO15)

Silver Nero

Wake up and conquer the day in a timepiece that does more than tell time. Featuring real Italian marble, each individually numbered Nero tells history.



Black Verde

The Black Verde proves that bolder is always better. Stand out with a timepiece as unique as you are. Each watch is individually numbered.



Silver Verde

This watch was designed to inspire.




The Carrara marble is a reminder that great things take time, so stay in pursuit.



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Vincero’s Process

They don’t outsource their products, they control EVERY step. Must Watch!


Click here to Buy Now: $152.00 $179.00 (15% off by using promo code YANKO15)