A personalized submarine that makes easy ocean exploration a reality for millionaires!

When it comes to underwater explorers, U-Boat Worx are the pros as they’ve been working in developing submersibles since 2005. After the success of the C-Researcher Series and Super Yacht Sub series, the Dutch company is going even stronger with the two-person NEMO Submersible which has claimed to be the lightest manned submarine on the planet. The design that’s capable of being towed behind a trailer or transported on a yacht is so intriguing that it has won the acclaimed Red Dot Concept Design Award 2020.

NEMO is lightweight too (for its category) at just 2,500 kg keeping in mind that it has to counter the pressure underwater to a maximum depth of 100 meters. Hydrodynamic form with 155 cm height of the submersible, along with the power to weight ratio, gives it an operational advantage – also making it highly practical for commercial applications. Having an operational time of up to eight hours makes it the perfect vessel for exploration or deep-sea missions to learn more about the underwater ecology. On the inside, it’s as comfortable as you would expect a deep dive vessel to be. The transparent hatch of NEMO gives access to the fully air-conditioned interiors that are embellished in modern-looking aesthetics. It comes with all the latest technology needed underwater including SONAR, manipulator arm, aircon, and wireless underwater communications.

The driving is done by the trained NEMO pilots who get a 12-day training before taking the submersible for a solo spin. And it comes with auto-heading and auto-depth features too. They can hand over the supervised control of the vessel to the fellow passenger who can drive it with the MANTA controller. If required the submersible can also be remotely actuated from a yacht or the shoreline with the Marlin controller. All this luxury and judicious use of technology comes at a steep price tag of USD 1.06 million, and once the market demand is met, NEMO will explore the depths of unknown waters with nature lovers aboard.

Designer: UBoat Worx