A Pocket-Friendly Smartphone!


Mobile phones have changed a staggering amount in the past decade, the incredible advancements in technology have at times made it difficult for us to be separated from the devices, and for people who are less familiar with mobiles phones, the task to learn their plethora of features seems borderline impossible and extremely daunting.

Designer, Pierrick Romeuf set out to solve these issues by finding the perfect balance between ease-of-use and modern smartphone levels of functionality, the solution came in the form of Minima! At first glance it’s hard not to notice the tiny proportions of this phone; the 3-inch display is just big enough to allow a keyboard to be used comfortably, and as it maintains the commonly used 18:9 screen ratio, any mobile apps that are on the market are compatible with this quirky device!

All buttons have been moved to the bottom edge of the phone to allow for the compact size. This certainly makes Minima a pocket-friendly alternative to modern smartphones!

Designer: Pierrick Romeuf


Minima is a concept phone that counts with all the main functionalities of a smartphone, a comfortable screen keyboard, and a pocket-sized body. Its discreet and functional design are the perfect combination for an effective communication tool in 2018.


Minima works with a hybrid OS, a mix between a smartwatch OS (for main features and native apps), and a smartphone OS in order to fit any apps available on the market, thanks to its 18:9 ratio screen.


By transferring all the main functions (“Back”, “Home”, and “Camera”) from the screen to the phone’s sides, the screen becomes less busy and more comfortable. A simple slide button on the side makes it easy to unlock the device, while pressing any of the buttons gives you access to the “Time” (and upon release, the screen goes back to sleep mode). Minima counts with all connectivity features needed to access Wifi or listening to music from a wireless speaker. Finally, it has a thin battery thanks to the smaller screen size, which allows for a low energy consumption.