The Mini Tea Set is a combination of culture and compact design

Quite wonderfully balancing the need to remain traditional and authentic as well as be modern and space-saving, the Mini Tea Set from Pertouch fits a tea brewing set into its small form factor, with quaint, authentic vessels that allow you to brew tea in keeping with oriental culture and norms. The casing comes with 2 kettles and 4 sipping glasses stacked-on/nestled-within one another in a shock-proof case that carries them snugly, protecting them from breakage. The case comes with a decorative lid that serves as a tray too, allowing you to brew, present, and serve your tea with flair.

Its design also comes backed by a great deal of design thinking. The kettles come without any handles (that would otherwise occupy space) and instead opt for a dual-walled construction near where your fingers would grip it, for effective insulation and heat-prevention. The cups and kettles are all made from ceramic, while the tray is made from ABS, giving it impact-resistance and resistance to high temperatures. Moreover, the ridges on it, aside from providing a calming effect of resembling ripples, act as drainage outlets for any water/tea that may accidentally spill on the tray. The design details are tied together wonderfully with cultural sensitivity, to create a tea set that looks authentic, but is, in fact, incredibly well designed!

The T1 Mini Tea Set is a winner of the Design Intelligence Awards for the year 2018.

Designer: Pertouch