The Fitness Wearable That’s Replacing the Human Fitness Trainer

It’s rare when a product does a job so well you don’t need a human expert around. If anything AI has indicated that there’s still a long way to go before it replaces humans. Stories written by machine learning algorithms are far from comparable to those written by humans, so when a product comes along that replaces the need for a trained human entirely, it’s worth noticing.

Sitting quietly inside your shoe, gathering data from 32 sensors on the underside of each of your feet, the RUNVI is a smart insole insert that comes with an AI that not only gathers data, but accurately assimilates it and gives you feedback on your run. Working in real-time, while giving not only visual but audio feedback, the RUNVI is your digital coach, being able to analyze your run from head to toe, and not only give you feedback to improve your technique but also being able to craft a routine that works the best for you.

A smart insole that fits inside any existing running shoe, the RUNVI comes with the sensor embedded insole, and a plug-in wearable that captures data from the sensors, sending it to your phone/watch/earphones in real time. It measures basic metrics like distance, duration, pace, calories, but also goes ahead to calculate much more advanced metrics like cadence, power, foot-strike pattern, impact, gait, and asymmetry. The RUNVI doesn’t just calculate how far you’ve run or how much energy you’ve expended, it even lets you know if you’re putting too much weight on one foot, or if your posture needs correcting, or if you’re in the danger of exerting yourself too much or causing an injury. Within the time frame of one single run, the RUNVI can give you real-time feedback, telling you to straighten your back or stretch your legs more, and can even craft a run-plan that’s suited to your style or fitness level. Working with much more data than a fitness band, or a fitness app, the RUNVI is much more accurate to the extent that it eliminates one’s need to have a human coach/trainer analyze your exercise technique. Its combination of 64 sensors, an incredibly smart AI algorithm, and device-based connectivity all coupled into a product that’s sleek enough to fit within your shoe without you noticing, makes RUNVI a fitness wearable that may have successfully replaced the need for human expert feedback!

Designer: Daniel von Waldthausen

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RUNVI is your personal digital running coach, designed to help you achieve your full running potential.

With the RUNVI SMART INSOLES, they define the next-generation of running wearables, delivering the most accurate data on the market.

They make sense of your data to produce a tailored training plan that continuously adapts to your goals, performance & progression and to deliver personalized coaching in real-time – so you get better with every run.

RUNVI improves your running technique, reduces your risk of injury, and coaches you to experience the running performance you’re truly capable of.


What Does RUNVI Give You?

Data is gathered in the RUNVI SMART INSOLES, right where the action happens – beneath your feet.

They analyze and interpret every little detail of your running technique and overall performance, building a full profile of your running biomechanics.


Beyond the basic key running metrics, we feature advanced running metrics, such as Cadence, Foot-Strike Pattern and Symmetry.

They bring the best of a professional running lab to your regular running shoes – making it available to you every time you run.


Power Measurement

Power is a performance metric that’s made a breakthrough in the running world. It’s the most sophisticated way to control your running intensity.

RUNVI features power measurement, to coach you to run more efficiently. You’re given a continuous measurement during your run which will help you to run more effectively any distance and on any terrain.

Learning how to run with power will result in running better, further and faster.

Real-time Coaching

RUNVI collects and analyses your data every step of run, to drive personalized voice & audio coaching in real-time.

Just like a personal trainer, RUNVI can tell when you’re running into the risk of injury or fatigue, or when your running technique isn’t optimal.

They deliver very simple, actionable instructions to improve your technique and coach you to run better — while you run.

Coaching includes:

– Feedback on body posture, harmony and efficiency of movements
– Reduced risk of injuries
– Indications of fatigue
– Increased effectiveness of training
– Real-time updates and feedback provided by a constant measurement
– Inactivity alerts
– Determining personal limits
– Coaching content and videos

Once they start gathering enough of your data and learning more about the way you run, they can start building Artificial Intelligence – to deliver an even higher phase of accuracy, personalization, and optimization for you to experience.

Adaptive Training Plan

RUNVI features adaptive training programs based 100% on you, the goals you set, your individual running technique and your historical & real-time performances.

The training plans are dynamic, meaning they continuously optimize with your running technique and improvements.

They’ll be integrating AI and machine learning to tailor your training plan even more. The more you use RUNVI, the smarter it will get.


Running Related Injuries

RUNVI empowers you to really get to know your body and its limits. With an improved running technique and all the knowledge that they have to offer, you can start reducing your risk of those common, yet preventable, running injuries. They aim to keep you in the game!



See where they race ahead of the competition.

How RUNVI Works

With each pair of RUNVI SMART INSOLES, you have 30 pressure sensors, 2 advanced accelerometers, and our unique CORE technology running across your feet. Collaborating together to communicate with the RUNVI iOS App.

RUNVI tracks your activity and stores that data in the CORE, which use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to send all of your data to the app. From there, you can view your performance history, your training summary, and access all of the awesome features we’ve included.


The Smart Insole

Each insole is designed with an ergonomic shape to ensure that you have the comfort and support of a premium insole. The lightweight material of RUNVI allows you to flex and exercise with natural motion.


Inside the insole, our CORE communicates with 15 pressure sensors (Flex PCB) to track and store your daily activity. The insole is in a default sleep mode and is only woken up when the accelerometer detects motion.

The default sleep mode helps guarantee RUNVI’s impeccable 3-week battery life – this is if you walk (not run) in the insoles all the time. Without walking in them, and leaving them in sleep mode, the battery lasts much longer.


The Core

The removable CORE concept allows you to change the insoles while keeping the same CORE. If you have separate insoles for different shoes or purchase a replacement pair, all you have to do is change the CORE from pair to pair and your data stays the same.

The battery lasts up to 8-10 hours of intensive running, – so you have your marathon training covered!


The iOS App

The app is where your raw activity data from the insole is analyzed and presented to you in an easy-to-use format. In the app, you can see the LIVE-VIEW, your daily activity overview, and access your training plan.

In addition, you can get real-time coaching updates through the app based off of your personal data. All of your data is available in the app, so you can access your history, set goals, and measure your progress over time.

A native Apple Watch app will be available in the future.

Click here to Buy Now: $139.00 $229.00 ($90 off)