iMessaging With iBackpack

Love the idea of owning the iBackpack, a simple communicating tool for cyclists. The backpack features a transparent window through which your tablet (aka iPad) can be seen. It syncs in with your Smartphone via Bluetooth and using a special app, you can let the world know if you are going to be taking a right or a left turn. The Smartphone doubles up as a rearview mirror and relays info like break signal or emoticons and messages to the tablet.

Here is how it works:

Rear Mirror: Scenes behind users are displayed on their smart phone by using camera on tablet PC in the backpack.

Turn Signal: Using swipe and gyro sensor in smart phone on bicycle handle bar.

Break Signal: When riding speed rapidly slows down, speed sensor in Smartphone will recognize it and relay it.

Message: Users can display messages on their tablet PC by selecting saved messages on smart phone.

Designer: Soohun Jung