This BMW Café Racer + Drag Racer bike is an edgy speed demon on the prowl

This bike looks seems like the perfect clone of a cruiser bike, a café racer, and a drag racer all put into one without overdoing things. Having a very front centered gravity of the rider and an elongated slinging rear, the Brutal R NineT is the work of industrial designer Fabian Breës from Antwerp, Belgium.

The basic design inspiration for the concept comes courtesy of the BMW R 80 motorcycle by BMW Motorrad. In its time the bike was an acclaimed classic road machine, having an off-road dirt bike like vibe to it. While the R 80 G/S had a very tall profile, this one by Fabian trims it down a little for a café racer like character. The front section of the ride adapts a very futuristic profile with the zero-shaped LED lights while the rear bears an aggressive character exemplified by the tail light positioned in a way to give the impression of a burning jet engine when lit up. The rear wheel’s super heavy design is reassuring and amps up the cafe racer vibe to help the bike keep going straight. In fact, the edgy front of the bike brings to mind an eagle on the prowl and you want to stay out of its way when it is on the hunt!

If you look at this muscular bike from the side, it seems so dominant on the tarmac – virtually looking like chasing its prey (other drag racers) down. That definitive sense of sticking to the road and generating maximum traction and downforce for high-speed chases. No doubt Fabian likes to mention it as the Buzzsaw too for its aggressive appeal, ready to shred the competition to bits!

Desinger: Fabian Breës