A Dehumidifier with a Difference


We feature a large number of innovative dehumidifiers here at Yanko Design, covering a wide variety of aesthetics and each of them aimed at a different consumer, but none of them have been quite like ‘Share’.

‘Share’ combines two household appliances, a dehumidifier and steam vacuum cleaner to create an environmentally considered product. It gets its name from the process of sharing water between the two devices; the water that is collected via the dehumidifier is transferred and then utilized by the automatic floor cleaner.

Not only do they share water, but they also share the space within the room; the steam cleaner is housed within the base of the dehumidifier, allowing everything to be kept in one place. A professional and domestic aesthetic has been achieved by the use of a black, satin finish and subtle surface detailing.

Designer: Jaemin Choi