Hangin Hallway Fun

What’s the greatest thing you can ever put on the wall? Is it a car? Is it a hanger? Is it a happy whale? I’ll tell you what it is, all of those things at once. It’s called “TODO” and it’s a bunch of accessories that you can hang in your houses entryway hallway. Sounds weird? It totally is! And it’s totally wonderful. It’s a collection of 16 different items for children and adults to put all over their walls.

Now something about these says they’d be better with an additional accessory. What would that be? Maybe it’s the rack you’ve been waiting for all your life. More on that later this week. For now, TODO.

There are 16 items, 7 different color cords. All you gotta do to order is plug in the code 1 + 15 + Y is cloud plus gear plus yellow. Hook it up!

Designer: Pavel Sidorenko of Adensen Furniture

TODO accessories for entrance hallways by Pavel Sidorenko of Adsen Furniture