Power Tools With Undeniable Style


While a power tool’s primary goal is functionality, there isn’t a reason as to why it can’t be a little more pleasant to look at! The Salley Power Tools set is made up of two devices, a cordless driver and a compact jig saw, both of which share the same core brand values: unambiguous style, focused performance and constant attitude. With values like this, the products that come with them are always going to be good!

It’s their aesthetics that really make them stand out from their competitors; the high contrasting colors that make up the body are then softened by the natural, untouched finish of the cork, which has been used on the handles to offer comfort.

While the aesthetics have been greatly considered, the functionality hasn’t been ignored; the base of the cordless driver houses six screwdriver bits, and the turn dial has been positioned between the user’s index finger and thumb for ease of use.

Designer: Lukas Salley



The battery is placed directly over the housing, moving the centre of gravity of the machine close to the saw blade. Its flat top allows the saw to be set aside securely upside down. Its curved front facilitates guiding the tool with both hands in a comfortable way.


The cordless driver offers a screwing and a drilling mode, both in a clockwise and an anti-clockwise direction. Changing between these modes is done through turning the dial in the front part of the housing between your index finger and thumb. Beneath the plastic cover in the back, up to six screwdriver bits can be stored.