Virtual Reality at your Fingertips


It will probably come as no surprise to you that the Virtual Reality market is growing rapidly; partially due to an increased interest in the field and products becoming more accessible. Zerokey, a Canadian Start-up, are developing a special technology that enables millimetre-level digital interaction, by using your fingers. This technology is being brought to life in the form of the sleek and advanced Zerokey VR Glove.

The complex, technological inner workings of Zerokey are covered by a carefully considered and sleek design. The monochromatic colour scheme allows for a professional aesthetic, while pops of vibrant blue colour give the sense of advanced, intricate technology. The blue elements are actually conductive fibres, they act as wires for sensors that feed the main module.

The core material of the glove is a highly-breathable and elastic microfiber to ensure that the user will remain comfortable during long gaming sessions!

Designers: Soohun Jung & Rich Park of BEBOP for Zerokey