How Industrial Design Reinvented the Spork

Designed not only for utilitarian reasons but to also allow you to be an absolute foodie wherever you go, the Morsel was named for its ability to let you eat every last morsel of food kept in front of you. Designed in the spork format, the Morsel is made out of BPA free plastic, but what’s really unique is its rubber edge around the specially designed spoon that lets you virtually get every molecule of food off your plate, bowl, or from inside a jar.

The Morsel’s design is conducive to use both indoors and outdoors. Its unconventional, edgy shape looks playful and the colors stand out both in the kitchen as well as the rustics. Its unique shape allows it to work as a spoon, a spreading knife and even a spatula, getting into the hard-to-reach corners of cups, jars, and bags. The Morsel comes in two sizes, with the larger one giving you a substantial handle to hold onto as you eat, or even cook. The Morsel can take its fair share of temperature, allowing you to do everything from toss salads bacon strips on the griddle. Use the spoon for spreading and scooping, the fork for piercing, or the fork’s rugged edge for cutting through food. When you’re done, literally wipe your plate clean with the spoon’s spatula edge!

Designers: Alex Thomsen & Zac Rubenson

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Scrape every last bit of food, every single time. More food in your stomach, less cleaning, and less waste.











Click here to Buy Now: $9.00