In And Outta The Ear

Like everything Apple, the iHead Headphone concept looks at unifying the process into functionality. It marries the music player with the headphone and gives you the option of listening to it out loud. So speakers, headphones and player all rolled into one! Say let’s get a tasty bite out of this juicy fruit.

iHead Headphone is a 2012 iF Design Talents entry.

Designer: Sungak Kim


  • Jeroen says:

    gee.. Where did this designer got it’s inspiration?..

  • Dr Dre says:

    Yeah. I hear your Beats 😉

  • WTF says:

    This THING is one of the iF design talent entry??
    Copied appearance, boring conepts…gee…

  • Fernando Josep says:

    Gee…..The appearance is copied from Dr. Dre headphone! Is this really iF design talent entry?…….I can not help questioning the prestige of iF award!

  • andrew says:

    This is copy Dr.dre copy!!

  • Banana says:

    Why doesn’t put he something more original than the apple logo on his headphone
    and the name is also very original…

  • joe says:

    not only is it a copy of the beats design but I happen to own the patent in HK and China for a Headphone/Speaker combination and they will here for both of us…..I am so tired of these designers copying my patent…not the first time I have seen it……

  • AT says:

    Well beats suck an so does most things apple, so this will prob suck more than any other apple product.

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