Well Timed Closure

The Subway Signal Light is a digital sand timer that intuitively changes color from green, to amber to red, informing the passenger through passive visual clues, that the doors to the train are about to close. As far as subway safety is concerned, you can’t be too safe. Just the other day I saw a lady get caught between doors because she tried to rush through the doors at the last minute. Hopefully visual clues will help people understand better that green says go and red says STOP!

Designer: Hyun Ju Park


  • Ksavai says:

    Keeping timer will solve this problem easily.

  • Damian says:

    You should never rely on color alone to convey information. Flawed.

  • Jeremiah says:

    The idea is nice, but I don’t think it solves the issue best. Damian is right, color alone isn’t the best option.

    If you were to go with using colors in this manner though, the green would have to start *as the doors are opening* (here you could use a higher pitched bell sound or something along those lines for an audio cue), the yellow would have a lower pitch of the same sound resonating with the action of the light *while the doors are open*, and the red would have a buzzing noise or the same sound used for the green light to alert those inside and out that the *doors are closing*, not closed.


    Solid Green = Opening
    Blinking Yellow = Open
    Solid Red = Closing

    (All with accompanying sounds)

    Personally though, If this were to be implemented, I think it might make some people try to rush through the doors even faster, but it still might let those who wouldn’t rush know what’s going on…

  • Anthony says:

    As with other posters.. and an earlier pedestrian/traffic light concept I’ve seen here on Yanko Design that used a similar coloured hourglass concept, relying on red/green in the same space is not wise given the issue of colour blindness.

    I am part red-green colour blind. With traditional traffic lights, not only is there the colour, but there’s also the position of the lights.

    Contrast with say Google Maps Navigation on the android platform where traffic is indicated by green to red to black.. I have great difficulty seeing the difference between the green and the red in this application in some lighting situations, and especially when my primary attention must be elsewhere.

    Perhaps another colour combination that isn’t as subject to colour blindness? Red / Blue? Something else? Pictographs of several languages/cultures? (Eg. X ! Frown … for stop, O tick smile for go)

    I wonder if there’s been a study done on the international connotations/implications of colour.

    Like often Japanese manuals might use a circle to indicate OK and a cross for no, whereas a Western manual might use a tick for OK and a cross for no… are there, similarly, differences in colours for “stop” and “go”?

    This said.. if the display moved in a particular direction for closing and for opening and this was consistent.. and was combined with audio queues.. then you’d have colour, location/position and sound queues.. combination of things assures alternatively abled people are still able to benefit from the technology.

  • ken says:

    so make it more like a street light

  • Srishti says:

    It is a brilliant idea to start with..
    but somewhere a little incomplete..
    Use of other senses other than just visuals, like suggested earlier: sound
    You could also show a gradation of these colors.
    Or gradation in colors + in sound
    You could also identify other prime indication-able surfaces..
    But its wonderful how you identified such a problem

  • soufiane says:

    same as trafic light but to prevent accident in subway i prefer something mechanic that could push the passager when it’s dangerous.

  • diany says:

    i agree w some comments, color alone is not enough
    you can have the colors but with words

  • Hunter says:

    Agreed. The color-blind will be screwed.

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