There’s Something in the SEAT!

There’s NO ONE on the wing of the plane! The only people on this plane are sitting in their seats. So what’s the most important thing on the plane to make comfortable? You betcha. This is an economy class airplane seat designed by the likes of repeat-wower-designer to Yanko, Gerda Hopfgartner. Made to form fit the body, these seats have instantly activatable “smart control” which has the ability to adjust to your perfect setting with only the entry of a few measurements you’re free to memorize.

It’s like of like those beds where you have a number you like and can always enter in, depending on your mood. I’d love one of these for the office. The head and backrest, pneumatic air cushion, and seat base all adapt automatically. Perfect LUMBAR support is achieved with a backrest joint placed at the hip joint of the passenger.

Tray table extendable from the armrest. A personalized media screen for each chair turns to landscape or portrait and has USB and firewire ports to be able to experience any media they’ve brought along.

This project came about when the designer decided that years and years of basically no innovation in the economy class was enough! Ergonomics for everybody! Inspiration was taken from the likes of Charles and Ray Eames for both comfort and perfection in form.

Designer: Gerda Hopfgartner