The only tea-portability solution since the tea-bag


Even with more than thrice the number of consumers than coffee, there aren’t as many urban tea-related products as there are coffee products. For instance, the only significant development we’ve made in making tea easy to have on-the-go is the teabag, while there are literally dozens of portable coffee makers and thermoses.

Zen’s Travel Tea Set is a step in the correct direction. With its rather wonderfully molded EVA foam bag, the Travel Tea Set stores (and even showcases) the brewing kettle and the two cups inside. The kettle comes with a strainer built into the glass lid that strains the tea leaves, while the two cups are perfect for the 160ml capacity of the kettle. To cut down on space, both the kettle and cups come without handles, but make up for that with a double-walled construction that lets you grip them naturally without the heat getting to your fingers. Open the travel-set up anywhere and sip your tea indoors or out, the Zens Travel Tea Set truly lets you have the luxury of indulging your tea dependency on the go!

Designer: Zens

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