A little LIGHT RAIN protection…

Well the weekend is upon us and Yanko Design is happy to inspire another do-it-yourself design project. Spring time if filled with new life, new hope and usually tons of rain. This wonderful “Electric Umbrella” is a great way to make the best of a rainy night by taking long walks under your very own stars with that special someone. Simple, cheap and even comes with a dimmer for setting your own tone, this easy to follow DIY(do-it-yourself) project comes courtesy of instructables.com. Happy singing in the rain.

Step by step instructions here.


  • Jaewon Choi says:

    that is a almost same idea with something I’m on.
    Faster = winner

  • carl says:

    love it, and not a visual too looks like a prototype has been made. real design i love it bring it on…!

  • SArah says:

    Romantic umbrella!!! So sweet! i love it!
    Can I image a romantic man with his lighting umbrella..walking to my home and bring me under his light!?!? ^_^

  • Graystar says:

    Now can they make the LEDs slowly fade to different colors? Controls on handle?

  • eric says:

    even with leds, isn’t there still enough current that using this in the rain would be a very bad idea?

  • T.R. says:

    Fantastic! ^_^

  • I just got a question though, what is the purpose why it has lights? Well, it’s unique for an umbrella and useful in the dark but what more advantages can it offer?

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